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Liam Morgan O'Neil

Liam Morgan O'Neil

Web Producer | Designer | Nice Guy

Canadian born designer/developer based in Tokyo. I have a firm belief that design is all around us. I have been in the web industry since the mid 1990’s. A degree in Graphic Design & Computer Science, led me to move toward the web. Remember coding HTML in UNIX? Then came Mosaic, tables, and tags and even images! Now look where we are.

As my web experience dates back to 1994 ~ 1995 these are highlights of the more prominent projects/positions I have done post 2000(Y2K). This excludes some freelance projects...

My resume can be downloaded here which provides a more accurate history, education & skill-set(s). ↓ direct download ↓ Liam O'Neil Resume Liam O'Neil

Web Producer

Liam O'Neil Tokyo Web Design

web producer

‘Web Producer’, is an overall label that best describes what I do. Having been senior design lead on various size teams, and the interactivity with the development side, ensures an efficient & productive interface between the two. Added to that, assessing project goals, R&D, and role assignment, progress tracking(Agile/Scrum methodologies), and statistical analytics leads to a ‘producer’ type role.


A designer at heart, whether is it pixel-based or different art mediums, or a combintion of both. I use organic/humanistic design elements I find all around me. Never leave the house without my camera, so I may capture real world design elements. Stock photography? Nope, never…

I encourage you to see my illustrative work on Canvas.co.com here


I have been in the web industry since 1995. Along those years I have worn many hats. Developer/Designer/Team lead/Web Project Management/UI/UX specialist. I feel that coming from a multidisciplinary range allows me to interface between all departments involved in order to succeed towards the end goal, while being able to intreface with different project segments.

Liam O'Neil Tokyo Web Design


Design is something I could talk about all day. A designer at heart in many formats. Pixel-based or more conventional mediums. I take inspiration from the world around me. Never without a camera to capture a design element to use in design interfaces.


I am quite active in various sports. It is important for me to maintain a work/life balance. I practise kendo, cycling everyday is a serious passiono(I do my best thinking when weaving in & out of traffic at high speeds…), and currently taking tango lessons…


I have been a long time Siberian Husky owner/trainer. However, when I came to Japan I brought with me a smooth coat Chiahuahua named ‘Sakura’. She is the boss of the household. Loves drinking beer, and suffers from ‘small dog syndrome’

Reach out, it won't hurt...