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Hello. My name is Liam Morgan O’Neil. I make websites. Based out of Tokyo and Vancouver(Canada), being fortunate to have experienced design across different countries/cultures vastly increased my interpretation of design. Being an artist at heart, design is all around us in many forms. We, as web producers are also story tellers.  We owe it to our users to present a story. Like a good mystery, the user waits to turn towards the next chapter.

This is my story…

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away…”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I spend my days crafting websites and marvel at all the design that surrounds me in so many forms, sometimes over-whelming. I work for all size of companies from small local businesses up to huge international brands. I have lived in Japan for 13 years, but go between Vancouver(Canada), often. The design community in Japan has opened my eyes in a very big way. From the more subtle to the weirdly intricate.

I’m constantly learning new web technologies and focus predominantly in the UI/UX realm. I owe my inspirations to many, from well known designers/developers, to the child drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. I thank you equally for your insights. I am a huge fan of web accessibility for those that have impairments when it comes to emerging technologies.

Ok, so I've been doing this a very long time. Since graduating with a BA(Graphic Design), and a BSc(Computer Science), in the mid 1990's. The web was emerging, and it was psychological eye candy. Before tags, when it was largely only university-based networks. Pine, Finger, Gopher, IRC, Usenet, et al. Think amber-chrome displays, and HTML 3.0  <-- no joking. But these were fantastic times.

Now it is a designers/developers playground, with multiple disciplines to go well beyond what is the norm on an almost daily basis.

Below is a short design biography of some of the more prominent web entities I have been involved with. There is of course, many in between(freelance, one-off micro sites, landing pages, etc).

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